Saul hid among the baggage when they came to make him king

Moses claimed that public speaking just wasn’t his thing

Jonah ran because your grace was more than he could bear

Samson loved the ladies a bit more than his own hair


Peter was a chicken as was proven by a rooster

Adam ate Eve’s apple when he should have just refused her

David used his spyglass for romance instead of war

Solomon took one wife, then two, then several hundred more


Jacob grasped at anything to claim it as his own

James and John with thunderous boasts would sit beside your throne

Gideon felt sheepish so he spread out his two fleeces

Judas had it all but he sold out for thirty pieces


Baggage I carry with me, baggage I hide behind

Baggage obscures who I am and weighs upon my mind

Baggage makes me say “I won’t.  I can’t.”  It makes me doubt

Can you, my God, still use me?

Was Saul’s hiding place found out?


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